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What is Moissanite? – Source
Discovered in 1893, by a scientist, Moissanite was a crystal that was mistaken for diamond that came from A meteorite that fell from the sky. Due to its exact similarities to diamond, it earned its status among all other precious gems.

Many call it the new diamond and prefer to use moissanite over diamond due to its guaranteed ethical sourcing and conflict-free mining, and of course its price point.

Moissanite stones are 100% environmentally safe and 100% conflict-free.


Its outstanding shining qualities gets everyone turning their heads in awe. Many of its similar characteristics like a diamond, has moissanite, a gem leader and the only diamond alternative that stands a chance to replace diamond.
Its durability is the only thing that comes close to diamond and its color and shine have many wondering if they are indeed diamonds. Many times due to some diamond particles lodged in the moissanite, get the stones testing positive as a diamond.

Gem Jewelers Co.’s Moissanite, is the market’s highest grade in clarity and color meaning cleanliness and whitest color.

As you can tell, moissanite is about a fraction of the cost of a diamond with basically the same exact characteristics of a diamond. They currently are one of the nation’s leaders in engagement rings and jewelry aside from diamonds.

Comparison between Diamond
Minimal to no difference gets many to think they are actually diamonds.
It shines, has facets and has the same colors like a diamond as well as having almost exact same durability.
In today’s day and age when we have many costs and bills to keep up with the day to day living, moissanite is the perfect way to get the ” diamond” look without spending the absurd costs of a real diamond.