Jewelry worn at Oscars 2024

The Oscars, with their extravagant red carpet display of luxury and elegance. Seeing celebrities wearing sparkling jewels from Diamonds to Gemstones, Natural or Lab Created. Yet, amidst this luxurious award show, the big question is

Are all these Diamond and Gemstone Jewelry worn at the Oscars GIA certified or certified at all?

Photo: Getty Images

Not all the Jewelry worn at the 2024 Oscars is certified. While some jewelers like Bulgari and David Yurman proudly display GIA certification for their Oscars creations, others may opt for alternative processes like Tiffany & Co. which uses their own certification or rely on reputation alone. Additionally, the nature of celebrity endorsements and loaned jewelry complicates matters, with responsibility often falling on the jeweler rather than the star. 

 Top 3 Best Jewelry at the 2024 Oscars 

Emma Stone wearing Louis Vuitton's diamond choker set

Photo: Getty Image

Emily Blunt in Tiffany & Co. Diamonds 

Photo: Getty Image


Charlize Theron Wearing Boucheron

Photo: Getty Images 


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