What is The Most popular Shape Eternity Band?

Are you shopping for an eternity band and not sure what shape to buy?
When it comes to selecting the perfect eternity band, one of the key factors to consider is the shape of the diamonds. 
And according to Brides Magazine, the most popular and easiest shape to match to any engagement ring is a round cut eternity band. 

Let's dive into the top 3 eternity band shapes that will surely flatter you. These shapes are all easily paired with an engagement ring or worn alone.

What are the three best eternity band styles?

  1. Emerald CutKnown for its clean lines and rectangular shape, the emerald cut eternity band offers a sophisticated and contemporary look. This style highlights the beauty of step-cut diamonds, creating an elegant and timeless aesthetic.
  2. Round Cut: The round cut eternity band is a classic choice that never goes out of style. With its brilliant round diamonds encircling the finger, this style offers a sparkling and radiant display of beauty. 
  3. Oval Cut: The oval cut eternity band combines    the timeless appeal of a round shape with the elongated elegance of an oval. This style exudes grace and femininity while providing a unique and modern twist to the traditional eternity band.

Can you wear an eternity ring everyday?

Yes, you can certainly wear an eternity ring every day! These rings are designed to be worn as a symbol of enduring love, and many people choose to make them a part of their daily jewelry rotation. As we have mentioned, eternity bands are easy to pair with engagement rings and this duo will surely add extra sparkle to your ring ensemble. However, it's important to note that eternity bands can be delicate due to their continuous setting of stones. 

    Eternity bands are a captivating symbol of eternal love and commitment, offering a timeless beauty that transcends generations. Whether you prefer the clean lines of an emerald cut, the classic charm of a round cut, or the modern elegance of an oval cut, there is an eternity band style to suit your taste.

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