What Are the Best Tennis Bracelet Settings

 3 Most Popular Tennis Bracelet Styles

  1. Illusion Crown Prong Setting: 

This setting has become one of the most popular settings since the diamonds tend to look a lot larger than they actually are. This is achieved by the gold surrounding the diamonds remarkably similar to a bezel set but not fully crowning the diamonds. This illusion makes small diamonds like 10 pointers appear like 15 pointers.

  1. The Martini 3 prong Bracelet: 

This Setting displays the diamonds so perfectly enabling you to see most of the edges and shine of the diamonds. This setting is just as secure as any 4-prong setting and still allows all the light to come into the pavilion of the diamonds giving off a real nice effect.

  • Classic 4- Prong tennis Bracelet: 
  • This setting is the most popular and classic tennis bracelet that there is and will never go out of style. This is the famous bracelet that Chris Evert wore in 1978 U.S Open Tennis Competition which is why they are called “Tennis Bracelets”. The setting on these is 4 – Prongs and made very secure. Although this setting does cover most of the diamonds compared to the illusion setting, many people tend to choose this since it is so timeless.

    Picking the Best Fit Setting

    The setting which you should pick should be determined based off your type of lifestyle. All the above-mentioned settings are equally as secure if set right and purchased by a reputable jeweler. What you should consider more before purchasing is the style that would match your look. The Illusion setting is the most popular setting currently and will go along with any outfit, whether it is a sporty look or a classy gown look. The diamonds on this setting appear a lot larger than they are hence making them a #1 choice in Diamond tennis Bracelets.  

    The Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet Setting will nevertheless remain a staple in jewelry and never go out of style. Although the diamonds make look true to their size in this setting, it will always carry a very elegant and classic look which is priceless.

    Picking the Quality of Diamonds

    Once you selected your tennis bracelet setting you can easily determine the quality of diamonds or gemstones to buy. Usually when purchasing a tennis Bracelet, a quality and clarity which looks best would be VS2-Si1 Diamonds. This clarity is sufficient for the diamonds to shine and not appear hazy or cloudy. Many times, people will select poorer qualities, making the diamonds appear not as nice just to get a bigger carat weight. This choice in diamonds is popular but not recommended as it defeats the purpose of owning such a beautiful and timeless jewelry item.

    Choosing the Color of Diamonds:

    Once you determine the clarity and quality of your diamonds, you should consider the color of the diamonds. Now, because there are many colors and shades of diamonds it is best you first determine the color of the gold setting you will choose. Will it be White, Rose, Or Yellow Gold? Usually it is always recommended to stay above H color in diamonds unless picking Yellow Gold as your setting because then the diamonds will anyways have a small tint of yellow from the gold setting. If you are choosing white gold as a setting you should stay above a H color to give off the white shine effect you deserve.

    The conclusion is:

    It is always best to determine the setting of the Diamond Tennis Bracelet before choosing the carat weight or clarity or color of the diamonds. Lastly, it is also important to budget properly based on all the factors of choosing a Diamond Tennis Bracelet Setting because many times a small change to your setting, color, or clarity can change the whole pricing of your tennis bracelet.


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