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Diamond after diamond, made and connected with the finest of our materials. Tennis Necklaces are a staple meant to be in every woman's wardrobe. 

What is a tennis diamond necklace, and how many diamonds are there in a necklace? The famous Tennis Necklace is a jewelry piece worn on the neck made of fine gold or platinum connecting diamond after diamond. One of the most popular in the market is the 4 prong tennis necklace AKA Box setting tennis necklace. This piece is the ultimate diamond jewelry accessory because it retains its elegance and value with various styles and fashion combinations. The tennis necklace or bracelet has a continuous connection of glistening diamonds linked with tight intricate links that work as a prong for one another.

Where Does It Get Its Name?

The name Tennis Necklace started in 1978 when tennis player Chris Evert lost her diamond bracelet while playing. She asked for a break so other people could help look for the piece, which enhanced his impressionability as a fashion icon. That particular bracelet instantly received its name as the tennis bracelet from that day and inspired tennis players, viewers, and the general population to wear a similar piece that contains diamond after diamond, hence the tennis necklace which is the exact same thing just worn on the neck.

Tennis Diamond Jewelry from Gem Jewelers Co.

  • Cheap Men’s diamond tennis necklace in 14K gold, with a price discount of about $2000
  • A diamond tennis necklace in 14K gold with a current discount of about $2500
  • Several graduated tennis diamond necklaces, Riviera style tennis necklaces
  • Classic diamond tennis necklace – Known as the 4 Prong Tennis Necklace, The classic tennis necklace piece is made with Natural Diamonds with the best clarity, color, and gold. All the diamonds look the same, and none stands out among the others.
  • Graduated tennis diamond necklace – The necklace has a central diamond stone as the most significant piece, then progressively smaller ones on each side to complete the entire circle. These different sizes of diamonds add a flair of drama to the eyes and face, emphasizing the different diamond ingredients.

Number of Diamonds in a Diamond Tennis Necklaces

The classic tennis necklace has 172 diamonds on average, weighing  0.03 carats each, making 6 carats for the entire necklace. The average necklace is 44cm in length, or 16 Inches so it has the same constant impression and appeal on the body. Generally, the women's diamond necklace is like any other, but it follows the same design pattern to resemble the original diamond piece of the 1978 incident with Chris Evert.

Events That Fit a Graduated Diamond Tennis Necklace

A graduated diamond necklace for sale is not exactly the jewelry you wear while running errands. Most people agree that the statement piece is an excellent addition to a glamorous event, such as a red carpet event or a special day. However many like to wear a Graduated tennis Necklace for everyday wear.

Diamonds can mean many things, including a personalized meaning or a random beautiful addition to a high-end event’s attire. The diamond tennis necklace makes an excellent gift for your loved one’s special day, such as a birthday, Valentine’s, a job promotion, a push gift, or a present for your romantic interest simply because it is Wednesday.

Where can you buy diamond tennis necklaces in online jewelry stores? We have a couple of different styles for you to choose and it should be easy for you to go through the entire selection by comparing all the pieces in the store. Our tennis Necklace are sold in Los Angeles and online. Contact us online or call 213-436-4365 for more information on any of the diamond tennis necklaces or more.