Diamond Halo Studs

Earrings have been worn for thousands of years. Different cultures and tribes have traditions to pierce the ear going back as far as human history itself. When diamonds became popular as a gemstone to be used in jewelry it was only destiny that diamond studs become the quintessential, staple jewelry piece that every woman and more and more men own today. Stud earrings are very popular because they are easy to wear and have a minimal design. When looking at them you only see diamonds. The metal is hidden behind the stone and in the ear… Usually studs are made of one stone but more and more people are choosing to add variation and designs to the classic diamond stud. Today we will be talking about one of the most popular new options that customers have been wearing: the halo stud. 

What is the halo diamond stud?

The halo stud is a design that has the main center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds creating a halo appearance. Usually the design is a round center stone surrounded by smaller round stones. Sometimes it can be a princess stone in the center or other shapes but most of the time the surrounding smaller diamonds are always round stones. The main benefit to buying the halo stud is there is much more refraction of light. Due to there being more stones and stones of differing size/shape there are significantly more angles for light to bounce off. This means that when looking at a halo stud compared to a regular stud the halo one will appear much shinier and more brilliant. 


Some people like the classic look of regular round cut diamond studs. Others prefer to have something that shines as much as possible and will really twinkle in the light. For those that like really sparkly jewelry the halo stud is a great option. To buy a shinier diamond that appears bigger would cost significantly more money than opting for the halo stud option so they provide many people that have a budget limit a way to have an exceptionally shiny stud without having to spend so much.

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