Do All Diamond Tennis Necklaces Flip?

Do you feel like you should have never bought a Tennis Necklace because it flips so much? You are not alone!

Type diamond tennis necklace into Google and you’ll find “flipping’’ as one of the most common search terms. People are desperate to find a solution to the issue, frequently asking:

Is there a certain brand or length resistant to flipping? Perhaps there’s even a magic trick?

Yet the reality is that the very nature of the necklace makes it prone to flipping.

Top Reason: Diamond tennis necklaces are lightweight. While many other necklace styles have a pendant to add extra weight in the middle, a tennis necklace is defined by its simple strands of jewels. Without the “anchor” in the middle, the necklace easily moves with the body.

So if a tennis necklace is meant to show off a row of diamonds yet is prone to flipping by design, what is the point? If you are going to shell out some of your fortunes on a diamond necklace, doesn’t it make more sense to go with a pendant-style and at least know the diamonds will always be on display? Thankfully, there are some tricks to avoid the flip.

Top Solutions to Stop the Flip

Below are some tips from jewelry experts on how to decrease or completely stop your tennis necklace from flipping:

1. Go up in carat size

Why does My tennis Necklace Flip? Like said before, these necklaces often flip because they are lightweight. By going up in carat size, you can make the piece a little heavier. Plus, who doesn’t like a little more sparkle?

2. Solder the necklace

Another way to increase the weight is to ask a jeweler to solder the necklace before or after purchase. In this process, extra metal is added to the underside of the necklace. This is a good option if you already have a tennis necklace that is flipping or you would rather not go up in carat size, perhaps because you like a more subtle look. Gem Jewelers Co is one jewelry business that offers soldering.

3. Shorten the necklace

Joseph Abitbol, CEO of Gem Jewelers says shorter tennis necklaces are less likely to flip because there is more tension on the chain. You can go to a jeweler to have your necklace shortened or look for a shorter design when shopping for a new one.

4. Try a graduated design

While most tennis necklaces feature diamonds of all the same size, some brands offer a graduated version where the largest stone is in the center and the diamonds gradually get smaller. Not only is this variation aesthetically appealing but it also adds weight to the center of the necklace, making it harder to flip naturally. Abitbol says their graduated diamond tennis necklace, the Chloe, is Gem Jewelers Co.’s bestselling style. The design also features an illusion setting, which makes the diamonds look larger than they actually are.

“A lot of factors went into designing this style. Number one we wanted it to be something people could afford, and the illusion is something that we think is more affordable because you have bigger diamonds for that price,” says Abitbol. “And at the same time, while we are making this, let’s find a way so it doesn’t flip as often, so we made it a little bit heavier.”

Before investing in a piece of jewelry, you want to ensure you are purchasing a high-quality item made with the best materials, which can help prevent flipping in the first place.

“A tennis necklace is an investment, and you really need to test it out before you make that purchase. Put it on, move around a little, even a jump or two doesn’t hurt, and see if it falls back into place,” says Janice Winter, President of Judith Ripka. “Also, what you wear matters. If the necklace hits the neckline of your top or dress, it won’t sit right. It should either be above or below your neckline.”

When clasping the necklace around your neck, ensure the chain is perfectly straight with no curves or bends to prevent any flipping. And don’t fidget it with it. Let the diamonds do their own thing.

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