Diamond Tennis Necklace Versus A Diamond Pendant Necklace

Out of the huge array of options that exist for jewelry that is worn around the neck there are two very popular designs of diamond necklaces; there are diamond pendant necklaces and diamond tennis necklaces. 

Diamond Pendants for women have been a classic piece of jewelry for a very long time. A diamond is set then hangs from a usually thin, gold chain. The diamond is the main focus of the piece, the pendant is what everyone looks at. Pendants come in all shapes and sizes and designs, some are simple with just a single stone being held by the chain and other pendants have multiple diamonds in the center piece. Pendants can be anything really that you hang from the chain, people like to get personal and creative with options as there are really no limits to what one can have hanging from a chain.



The other very popular diamond necklace design is the Tennis Necklace which is a necklace made of diamonds. And while this option is slightly less open to personalization it more than makes up for that with the simple raw elegance that is a string of diamonds around someone’s neck. Instead of the chain showing gold the chain displays only diamond. The diamonds are held together by very minimal gold so when looking at the necklace one only sees the diamonds and it is very hard to notice the metal. Tennis necklaces have become very popular recently because from any angle when you look at the necklace all you see is diamond. 


Compared to a pendant necklace where the chain is metal and only a small part of the necklace has diamonds. Diamond tennis necklaces are a statement piece every single time. Some people like to wear it only on special occasions and other people like to wear it during their everyday life thereby making every day an event.


If what you are looking for is  a classic, more conservative look than pendants are the way to go. They have always and will always be the single most popular necklace option as options and customizations are endless. If you want a more eye-catching unique look then the tennis necklace is the way to go. Tennis necklaces have only recently become popular but currently they are the most popular option and are very hot right now.


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