Full or Halfway Tennis Necklace

Tennis necklaces are extremely popular these days and they come in many different styles. A tennis necklace is a necklace that is made completely of diamonds, it is one long string of diamonds that is worn around the neck. The diamonds are held together by a mounting and once the necklace is finished being set, barely any metal can be seen, when one looks at the necklace they just see  the diamonds. When on the market for a tennis necklace the shape of the diamond and the type of setting are important factors to think about but today we’ll be talking about the biggest difference in styles and that is full tennis necklace or halfway tennis necklace. 


Full Tennis Necklace

Recently tennis necklaces have become extremely popular and in demand. People have become obsessed with the elegance of a string of diamonds around the neck. Usually a necklace is made of gold or silver and the gold or silver is a large part of the appearance. With tennis necklaces there is gold/metal but it is under the diamond so it is not in view. So people only see diamond. No matter what way you wear the necklace from any angle people will see only diamonds. This look is extremely classy and high end and therefore sought after. Many people believe that wearing a tennis necklace is a status symbol as the price of diamonds are always high.

Halfway Tennis Necklace

A lot of people are choosing the halfway option due to the fact that when wearing a tennis necklace most people including the wearer will view the necklace from the front. Therefore people only see the front of the necklace, so consumers can save some money and only pay for diamonds that they and other people will see and appreciate. Another benefit of the halfway necklaces  is that they can be adjustable in length so the wearer can have it hang at 17, 20 inches, etc... and look like a necklace, and then shorten it to 15 or 14 inches or so and wear it as a choker. The versatility is a big plus and allows the wearer to use one piece in multiple ways, so the halfway option definitely gives the buyer more bang for their buck. Customers that are looking to be more conscious about their spending may like the halfway option.


In Conclusion if you are looking to save money and still own a very nice looking necklace with a lot of diamonds then the halfway option provides most of the value of a full diamond tennis necklace while being, usually, roughly half the price and offers more customization options for the customer making it a very popular choice for many.


If what you want is to grab people’s attention when you walk anywhere and stand out from the rest then the full tennis necklace is definitely the way to go. There is nothing quite like having all those diamonds around your neck, it's classy, seductive and special,  it is truly a status symbol and always catches eyes. Making it simply the best option for the people that like their bling.


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