The Best Tennis Necklace Styles

Who doesn’t love a Tennis Necklace? Well, there is more to it than just the glistening and shinning diamond going all over your neck and chest.

In this article I want to share the top 5 Tennis Necklaces and their advantages over the other.


1.The Classic 4 Prong Tennis Necklace:

This Necklace is known for its simplicity and is a classic, even though the diamonds are all round brilliant cut they still give off a square like appearance. This tennis Necklace can be referred to The Classic Diamond Tennis Necklace since this the style that gained the “Tennis Necklace” name.

  1. The Illusion Crown Prong Setting:

This setting has become extremely popular since the setting here makes the diamond appear larger than they are, hence, the name “illusion Setting”.

The way the setting is constructed is, the actual gold is slightly larger than the diamond making the gold appear like it is part of the diamond and not noticeable to the naked eye that it is in fact gold.


  1. The Martini – 3 Prong Setting:

This setting is a fan favorite as well due to its daintiness and true to size look. The way the diamonds are set here are a 3 prong, martini basket setting giving off the most light that can actually enter the diamonds. This necklace overall has a much daintier and less bulky look than a 4 prong setting.


  1. The Graduated Diamond Tennis Necklace

This Necklace has been a best seller on most jewelry sites and stores because of the style, durability and mostly the avoidance of the tennis necklace flipping.

This style starts with the Biggest Diamond in the center and each stone gets smaller and is it gets closer to your neck.

The most popular style of this necklace is the illusion style which is exactly like the one above just in a graduated version.

Overall, this has always been my favorite Tennis Necklace since it is so unique and classy and makes the diamonds look so big. The best part of it is that it is a everyday and a item I can wear for events.


  1. The Riviera Graduated Tennis Necklace

This necklace has gained its name from a French word rivièr which means river. The setting of this necklace is a 3- Prong Martini Graduated style, so just like the design we described above, just featuring a graduated look. This one has also been extremely popular in the last few years since it has a very dainty and refined look.


From all these styles, the most common dilemma when purchasing a Tennis necklace would usually be if to purchase a classic setting or a illusion setting which can be seen above, are equally are gorgeous just have different looks and styles. 

All these Tennis Necklaces are equally durable and made with High- Quality Gold and Precious metals so long as purchasing from a reputable jeweler.



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